RigServ Rig Warehouse Checklist Managers

Bobby said goodbye to his family late one night and got on a plane to a distant city.

The next morning, he woke up at 3:30 AM to meet the helicopter departure time of 7:00 AM, leaving him bleary-eyed and a bit tense. Bobby’s phone won’t stopping dinging with new e-mails and he missed a call from his boss, Bill, the regional operations director. He needs a coffee… black.

As Bobby lands on the rig – his rig – he drinks in the nostalgic smell of diesel, feels the familiar rig vibrations, and listens to the persistent crane bells as loads are safely moved about the rig. Everything on his rig is humming along like clockwork. “Good”, he thinks, “I’ll only have to stay onboard for a day.”

He attends the induction meeting, shakes the medic’s hand, and makes small talk with the OIM. Bobby needs another coffee. Is it already lunchtime? After lunch he gets pulled into a meeting with client wellsite supervisor and then makes his rounds: OIM’s office, Toolpusher, Captain, Bridge, Doghouse, Moonpool, Subsea Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor, Safety Rep, Deck Crews… is it chow time again, already?

Bobby realizes he hasn’t made it to the warehouse to talk to his materials coordinator yet. There’s been some inconsistencies with rig’s inventory and he wanted to perform an unannounced inspection of the warehouse. Only…

“It’s getting late now,” he thinks. “That inspection might take a little while, and I don’t have anything prepared or planned. Maybe next time.” Maybe next time he’ll make more time for his rig’s inventory.

Next time, Bobby should bring RigServ’s Rig Warehouse Checklist for Managers with him.

Rig Managers are responsible for the effective management of every aspect of a rig’s operations, including: safety & environmental stewardship, drilling operations, marine operations, maintenance, client interaction, inventory management, planning, budgeting, forecasting, HR functions, regulatory compliance, and a litany of other important tasks. In many cases the Rig Manager, legitimately overwhelmed by always-urgent tasks, must decide how much time to allot to each of his duties. This checklist is designed to make the manager’s warehouse inspection quick and thorough by focusing on key areas of inventory management and prompting the manager with the right questions to ask and the most important areas to observe, thus raising the quality of his inventory management and setting high standards for his materials coordinators.

Our checklist will provide you with the main discussion points and target the primary focus areas for any drilling-based warehouse.

If you want a quick, structured assessment to bring with you on your next rig visit, or to pass along to your OIM or Maintenance/Technical Lead, you may now download it at no cost.

To download our free checklist, simply fill out the form to the right and get your copy today.

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