When your company assets are not tracked and managed properly, it can be difficult to identify which assets you have, where they are located, and how they are performing. This lack of visibility makes it harder to make informed decisions.

Poor asset management can lead to costly, unscheduled downtime that can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Without proper management, businesses can suffer from unexpected costs, decreased productivity and efficiency, and reduced customer satisfaction.

To avoid these, it’s essential to have an efficient asset management system in place that helps you plan ahead, anticipate problems, and make sure resources are utilized optimally.

RIGSERV helps you gather and organize your assets by performing an expert inventory to verify and expand upon your existing asset list or perform a “walkdown” to build an asset registry from scratch.

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What is a “Walkdown”?

A walkdown is a comprehensive, visual inspection of a facility, where assets are recorded and photographed, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), information and equipment attributes are taken from data plates, and a thorough condition assessment is conducted. The result is a detailed snapshot of the facility and its assets, helping to ensure maintenance, safety, and compliance requirements are met.

Why RigServ Asset Management

Build an effective asset registry or optimize your asset data!

Our expert team will design and implement an effective asset management strategy to protect your investments.


We have been helping organizations design and implement a comprehensive asset management strategy that will maximize efficiency and help them achieve their desired outcomes. Our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to ensure that the asset management strategy is tailored to the particular needs of your organization, ensuring its success.



Establish an effective asset management system
Establish a system for tracking and managing assets that will be used to make informed and effective decisions.
Implement appropriate asset management processes
Put in place the processes necessary to maintain and improve the performance of the asset management system.
Utilize data-driven analysis
Use data analysis to inform decision-making and evaluate the performance of the asset management system.
Leverage technology
Employ technology to further enhance the asset management system.
Monitor performance

Monitor and measure the performance of the asset management system to ensure maximum efficiency.

Enhance asset management
Continuously adapt and update the asset management system to ensure that it is optimized for the current business environment.


With our subject matter expertise and proven process combined with leading-edge technology, we help you understand your equipment, analyze your data, and develop the most effective solutions to meet your company’s needs.


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RigServ Asset Management Case Study


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