At RigServ, we understand the importance of efficient supply chain management.

With our extensive experience and best practices, we are a leading provider of supply chain management services trusted around the world.

We’ve helped hundreds of capital-intensive businesses overcome distribution challenges using proven technologies that redefine how our clients perform their distribution operations. Instead of relying on outdated methods that often result in counting errors we provide operational intelligence analytics that offers maximum transparency into your distribution processes.

We specialize in three key areas to help you streamline operations and maximize efficiency:

  1. Optimize logistics
  2. Our custom-built systems will help you plan, coordinate, and execute the most efficient shipping operations.

  3. Customized Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  4. Our WMS solutions provide you with an easy-to-use interface for tracking inventory and managing warehouse operations.

  5. Streamline shipping operations
  6. Our streamlined shipping solutions will help you reduce costs, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction.


RigServ has helped companies around the globe revolutionize their supply chain!



Our approach also provides the following benefits:

– Scanning & Scales to reduce Cycle Count times
– Order Error Resolution at Central Warehouse
– Documents in a central repository viewable on manifest application
– RigServ Barcoding designed for drilling contractors
– Lower labor burden for your team

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