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RigServ are experts in inventory service and have perfected a process to count your inventory and spare parts efficiently with verifiable accuracy. We offer increased quality and usefulness of information at a very competitive cost.


RigServ understands that a new implementation can become frustrating. When choosing the best selection for your organizational needs, it's pivotal to consider that there are many variables. Picking the right solution, executing it with the addition of re-training staff, measuring change across your company and ensuring positive results can seem unconquerable. A new ERP implementation, or a major upgrade, impacts your entire business and, we at RigServ are here to help.


RigServ, carrying many years of familiarity in supporting and stabilizing ERP implementations, transforms crucial ERP systems in business & unfailingly monitor and support them.


The value of your data lies in the insights you can realize from it, rather than in the information itself. But as the structure and volume of your data grows, managing those insights become progressively difficult without the right Business Intelligence tool, technology and expertise. That’s where we come in.


RigServ’s Master Data Management program is a comprehensive approach that delivers consolidated, consistent and authoritative master data across organizations and distributes this master information to all operational and analytical applications. Its capabilities are designed for mastering and cleansing data across multiple areas ranging from: Customer, Supplier, Catalog, Asset and Inventory, including many others.


Policies and Procedures help your organization by providing employees with a handy reference to daily business operations, common company activities, or routine organizational tasks. Written policies and procedures activate the main framework for a company's entire operation. They steer clear direction for employees as well as great insights into company processes, values and ethical standards.


At the core of developing a successful Asset Management strategy is the definition of an asset. Fundamentally, in this context, it’s usually high-dollar equipment that produces value over a lengthy period. For most energy companies and the companies that support them the cost of acquiring, maintaining, replacing, and disposing of critical equipment is both substantial consequential. It’s substantial just in terms of the hefty price tag for various end items. It’s consequential in terms of operational status…as any driller knows key equipment that is not operational can mean down time or loss of production resulting in loss of significant revenue. RigServ can help you define assets and catalog them with precision.

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