Do you have a consolidated view of data across your company?


Data integrity is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business today.

Enterprises using different applications can easily find their data duplicated, fragmented, or outdated when it crosses different departments. To address this challenge, Master Data Management (MDM) is essential.

Master data management is an important corporate resource that can provide you with complete and consistent access to and visibility of all data related to products, customers, vendors, and more. It is an important solution in ensuring data integrity and consistency across the enterprise.

Our full suite of Master Data Management services:

Data Trimming
This step involves removing the majority of the unused and duplicated cards.

Quick Match This stream will be done in conjunction with the trim and seeks to improve your master data with RigServ catalog data.

Governance Ongoing management of master data in a consistent way to ensure a catalog is a tool for operations.

Data Improvement When cleaning up existing data has been insufficient, additional work is carried out based on research by using the manufacturer and part number or walking down the spares.

Master Data Management RigServ

RigServ is ready to help you manage high volumes of master data!

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We have helped organizations unlock the true value of their data by building a 360-degree view of their key business information. Our comprehensive solutions allow you to make more informed decisions and take full advantage of your data for better business outcomes.


APM Terminals



Data collection



Security Policy Evaluation



Documentation Development


RigServ Managed Solutions

RigServ’s Transformative Process in Action: Master Data Management Case Study

Read how our transformative approach to master data management was been pivotal to the success of one of our valued clients!


Our Master Data Management proprietary technology is powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image Vision Analytics, Web Scraping and Attribute Parsing. This automates the data enrichment process, providing you with best-in-class results.

Our Master Data Management Solution covers a wide range of areas, such as Customer, Supplier, Catalog, Asset and Inventory, and is designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization.

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What We Do Differently:


Transparent Visibility

We provide status updates via our site and email as well as a Catalogue Dashboard.


Our proprietary tool and personnel complete a thorough review of all requests to ensure 0 duplications.


Customer Focus

We have worked offshore and personally understand the urgency and importance of accurate master data.

Best in Class Feedback

We partner and provide feedback to ensure continual improvement in the process.