Few companies have visibility into their inventory and even fewer know how to identify and handle any issues.

Staying on top of your company’s inventory can offer significant cost savings, while also providing insights into the overall health of your business.

It is essential to ensure your on-hand inventory is accurate and up-to-date. Unfortunately, many companies lack visibility into their inventory, and even fewer know how to identify or address issues. This is where RIGSERV comes in.

RIGSERV uses data to effectively track your inventory as they move through the process. 

This data includes lot numbers, serial numbers, cost of goods, the number of goods, among others. 

With this data, you can accurately measure your inventory levels, identify areas of waste or inefficiency, and make informed decisions about the supply chain.

Our Customers

RIGSERV has helped maximize the inventory efficiency of companies across the globe with our cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals.

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Case Study

Find out how RIGSERV validated, optimized and enriched the inventory master data of a leading marine ports operator.

Our Transformative Process
Determine What Is Considered Inventory
Our expert team here to help you determine what is considered inventory. With our custom data collection tools, we provide maximum transparency into your inventory and make sure it is accurately counted. Our experts possess strong category knowledge to lay the groundwork for an accurate and efficient inventory counting process. Let us help you make the most of your inventory.
Preparation and Training
We start each project with an unwavering commitment to safety and security. Our team will conduct a thorough pre-project preparation and training program to ensure the safe and efficient deployment of personnel and project supplies. We will establish physical count standards, assign condition values and options, and create a detailed count schedule based on our extensive experience and sample count. This proactive approach to safety and security allows us to provide the highest quality service to our customers.
Visibility and Execution

Our inventory counting process is carefully executed to ensure accuracy and efficiency. All items are first removed and any missing or damaged items are relabeled accordingly. Then, all items are neatly placed back in their correct locations, resulting in more efficient operations and less downtime. With our meticulous approach, you can trust that your inventory will be accurately accounted for.

Verification of Counts

Ensuring your inventory management is functioning effectively at your facility or rig during and after downtime incidents is essential. To ensure that this doesn’t happen again in the future, have managers not associated with the materials spot check the counts on a regular basis. This will help to ensure that all inventory levels are accurate and up-to-date, which will help minimize downtime incidents and ensure that inventory is not lost or unaccounted.

Data Mapping and Configuration

At RIGSERV, we go beyond simply identifying gaps in your inventory data. We proactively update any incorrect information in the RIGSERV Data Management App and provide complete transparency to your inventory operations. Our reliable cycle counting services ensure that your inventory is accurately tracked and monitored, giving you peace of mind that your stock is in good hands.

RIGSERV Policy & Procedure Development Solutions

Our policy & procedure development services are designed to streamline your inventory operations while maintaining regulatory compliance. Our in-house team, along with input from several drilling contractors, will develop the best-in-class policies and procedures that will ensure your organization is compliant with all relevant regulations.

We understand that a lack of regulatory policies can lead to costly mistakes, which is why our innovative approach to inventory counting includes the creation of manuals and training documents, as well as the implementation of a robust internal control system that demonstrates process capability and ensures compliance with regulations and standards.

Partner with RIGSERV, your strategic ally for supply chain transformation.

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