We had the privilege of volunteering at Kids Meals Inc. Their incredible work in delivering free, nutritious meals to preschool-aged children in the greater Houston area is truly inspiring. Since they started, they have given more than 10.3 million free meals!

By working with organizations like Kids Meals Inc., we can continue to make a difference in our community.

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About Kids’ Meals

Every day in Houston, there are more that 50,000 preschool-aged children, or 1 out of 4 preschool-aged children, who may not know where their next meal is coming from. Harris County has the highest rate of child food insecurity in the nation for highly populated areas, meaning our children have limited or unreliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

Kids’ Meals’ mission is to end childhood hunger in Houston by delivering free healthy meals, year-round to the doorsteps of Houston’s hungriest preschool-aged children and through collaboration provide their families with resources to end the cycle of poverty.

Here’s to continuing to make a difference together.