Simplify distribution with a modern cloud ERP solution!

Acumatica’s specialized distribution management software helps you simplify and streamline your business processes, from purchasing and order fulfillment to inventory tracking and customer support.

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Acumatica Is a Game Changer for Distributors!

With Acumatica, distributors can access real-time data to uncover issues and find resolutions quickly. Different teams can have custom dashboards tailored to their jobs, providing visibility into cash flow levels, profitability by division, and customer profitability. This invaluable data gives distribution businesses the tools they need to streamline operations and maximize success.

How Acumatica Streamlines Distribution!


Visibility of Your Inventory

Take control of your inventory with up-to-the-minute visibility of available stock, inventory in transit, reorder amounts, and inventory costs. Have the ability to easily manage processes and ensure that you’re always aware of your true costs.


Actionable Insights

Gain insight into the profitability of your warehouse, product line, location, or business unit. Leverage real-time information to monitor and control costs across the entire supply and distribution chain.


Enhance Purchasing

Enhance your purchasing operations by optimizing and automating processes including vendor requisitions with electronic bidding to minimize costs and ensure a steady supply of materials.


Streamline Sales Order

Streamline your sales orders and reduce order times while minimizing costs with our optimized quoting, order entry, and fulfillment processes. Create rules to manage complexities such as multiple warehouses, returns, credit limits, and drop shipments.


Automate Cross-Company Transactions

Automatically create sales orders in one company from purchase orders in another within the same tenant to streamline cross-company buy-sell transactions.


Matrix Items

Easily create and manage product families with Matrix Items using attributes such as size, style, or color to streamline purchasing and sales.

Acumatica for Distribution Management

Track the Right Metrics!

By utilizing metrics to track performance, distributors can boost sales, improve fill rates, reduce costs, fend off competitors, and optimize inventory levels and warehouse operations.

In this ebook, discover the most important metrics to monitor for continuous improvement and align goals for actionable metrics to transform your entire organization.

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