IFS: Driver of Digital Transformation in
the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas companies face many challenges today including the rapidly changing oil prices as well as growing attitude towards decarbonization and climate change. 

So, how can oil & gas companies leverage digital transformation to achieve business success and improved operational efficiency while addressing the industry needs for advanced asset performance management, managing supply chains, and ensuring health & safety of employees? 

Expanding needs of Oil & Gas infrastructure
Expanding needs of Oil & Gas infrastructure

As the world needs more, we build more. And as technology evolves so too does the infrastructure, we rely upon to power our world.

Over the last two decades Oil and Gas companies have measured success by how much output was generated (volume of oil, gas or other) and as such have continued to optimize their operations to increase this key KPI.

Today, while optimized productivity remains imperative, Oil and Gas companies must accommodate new objectives such as decarbonization and sustainability goals, technological requirements and increasing regulations.

In this infographic we will look to outline the 4 key stages of the Oil & Gas process and how the need for connected operations has become a must have, not a nice to have.

Orchestrate and control your energy

Capital asset managers rely on an integrated lifecycle approach to plan, source, construct, operate, maintain, renew, and decommission infrastructure assets. This model allows the business to manage project risk while achieving desired levels of service and productivity.

IFS ensures you remain in control of your EU&R project from start to finish.

Even after the project completes, IFS technology continues to deliver value, extending from project planning through to decommissioning, and every stage in between.

The next generation of Oil and Gas 1
The next generation of Oil and Gas 3
The road to clean energy

Expected to straddle two different realities: the established (and no longer sustainable) fossil fuel market, and the wholescale shift to clean energy sources, oil and gas companies are in a complicated race to save our planet.

Beyond business as usual lies our clean energy future, with many companies actively diversifying from traditional oil and gas to renewables.

IFS understands the context behind the transformation that’s underway within the oil and gas sector. In defining the next generation of EAM technology, we’re empowering our customers to achieve their immediate sustainability goals while building towards a world fueled by clean energy.

5 Reasons to select IFS Cloud for Oil & Gas

IFS Cloud is a cloud-based enterprise solution that can help oil and gas companies improve their operations and efficiency. In this infographic we explore some of the benefits of IFS Cloud for oil and gas companies including:

Improved asset management: IFS Cloud can help oil and gas companies track the condition and location of their assets, as well as manage maintenance schedules and costs. This can help to improve asset availability and reliability, which can lead to reduced costs and increased profits.

Optimized maintenance: IFS Cloud can help oil and gas companies optimize their maintenance schedules by identifying assets that are at risk of failure. This can help to prevent unplanned downtime, which can save money and improve customer satisfaction.

The next generation of Oil and Gas
The next generation of Oil and Gas 4
Planning & Scheduling Optimization with IFS: Predictive Maintenance

Planning and scheduling technology must be an enabler of resilience and agility, supporting each step within an effective predictive maintenance strategy. If your existing solution is constraining the business, then it’s not doing its job.

IFS PSO works with oil and gas companies globally, delivering best in class planning and scheduling capabilities. With real-time scheduling, precise capacity planning, and accurate forecasting, your organization can confidently predict and prepare for the future.

Let us help you discover the key drivers for digital transformation in oil & gas industry that will enable you to become digitally native, and embrace new ways of improving operational efficiency across the entire asset and project lifecycle, from exploration to field operations and field abandonment.

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