IFS Support

Without the proper personnel in place, functional and technical
issues can arise and it can negatively impact the operation of your business.

Without the proper personnel in place, functional and technical issues can arise and it can negatively impact the operation of your business.

To ensure that these issues are dealt with quickly and effectively, enterprises must invest in people that possess an intimate understanding of both the specific commercial environment and the associated business application. Doing so will ensure smooth operations and help to minimize costly delays.

Your business can benefit from our Support Solutions that offers flexibility which enables you to expand your business’ internal capabilities and expertise or free up staff to focus on higher value activities.

With our IFS Support Solutions, you can (1) increase your capacity without the need to hire personnel, (2) maintain the quality of your system, and (3) keep cost at a nominal fee.

The Support Matrix below demonstrates the flexibility of our solutions that match your business requirements.

Listen to what Gowan Sterling, Applications Development Manager at Barnhart Crane & Rigging, has to say about our commitment to your success!

Our IFS Support Solutions

Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)
Business-As-Usual (BAU) Support

Our Infrastructure Management Services provides ongoing support, maintenance, and optimization. The type of engagement you require from us largely depends on the outcome or goals of your enterprise.

Our IMS are tailored to fulfill the short and/or long-term objectives of your business.

Balancing Business-as-Usual (BAU) tasks and project initiatives is a challenge that all organizations must face. While BAU keeps operations running smoothly and profitably, organizations who want to make the most of their ERP investment also need to focus on Project Initiatives.

Our BAU Support works with your business and is geared towards minimizing downtime and keeping your ERP running efficiently. This support helps with configuration changes, security patch updates, and help desk tasks, so you can focus on what matters.

Gaining access to our BAU services that provide support for all ERP requirements can be a cost-effective approach for completing BAU and IFS Project Initiatives.

RigServ provides an extensive array of these services, from supplementing your internal IT team for significant projects to providing technical personnel for day-to-day IT tasks.

(1ST Line Support)

L1 Support is the initial point of contact for our customers to report cases. A team of functional and technical consultants, administrators, and business analysts provide 24 hours, Monday to Friday coverage to triage cases and identify possible solutions.

If the issue can be quickly resolved, it is fixed; otherwise, it is passed on to 2nd Line Support (L2) for more analysis.

(2nd Line Support)

L2 Support is for more complex cases, including undertaking root cause analysis and recommending, testing and delivering a solution to the client.

The team comprises IFS functional and technical experts, administration and IFS maintenance resources, with core business hours coverage from Monday to Friday.

L2 Support

Access to Extended L2 Support with an expert specialist is available on an ad hoc basis. This specialist can assist with L2 Support and take on longer term initiatives which were identified through cases or strategic project initiatives.


The team of Extended L2 Support could consist of database administrators, business analysts, technical developers, BI and Reporting engineers, and Trainers. They are available to work remotely or on site and can accommodate hours according to project requirements.

The RIGSERV Service Matrix

Seamless rollout through proven RIGSERV strategy

Boost business performance and profitability


Enhance efficiency with new modules and capabilities


Increase the bandwidth of your internal team