30% of Your MRO Inventory is Overstocked!

In asset-intensive industries, it’s common for 30% of MRO inventory to consist of excess, slow-moving, or dead stock, costing companies millions. Properly managed inventory can unlock hidden costs and free up capital for more strategic investments. But where do you start?

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Our free MRO inventory management assessment will help you see how you stack up against industry best practices. Gain insights, identify areas for improvement, and discover strategies to optimize your inventory management.

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Even minor inefficiencies in your inventory management can cost your business!


of spares become obsolete every year

Managing MRO inventory and demand for spare parts is critical due to three main factors: rapid technological innovation, supplier availability, and the unique demand patterns of spare parts. Optimizing inventory can significantly reduce obsolescence and save costs.
link between poor MRO inventory management and downtime
A study found that companies with ineffective inventory practices were more likely to experience delays due to unavailable spare parts. Efficient inventory management reduces downtime and ensures smooth operations.


reduction in average MRO inventory investment
With the right inventory approach, companies can significantly decrease their inventory investment. This reduction frees up capital for more strategic initiatives and enhances overall business efficiency.

The Problem

Inefficient inventory management leads to excess stock, frequent stockouts, and wasted capital. Companies often struggle with inaccurate inventory data, resulting in missed opportunities and increased operational costs.

The Solution

We utilize the cutting-edge RIGS App to collect, verify, and store detailed MRO inventory data. This technology, combined with our proven processes and expertise, ensures you have complete and accurate inventory information.

Typical Results

By leveraging the data collected through the RIGS App, companies can achieve:

Over 20% savings on annual purchasing spend

Identification and elimination of duplicate items

100% inventory accuracy

Full transparency into inventory levels and locations

Accurate measurement of inventory levels

Identification and elimination of areas of waste or inefficiency

Informed and strategic decision-making about the supply chain

With standardized storage and tracking systems, you always know what you have and where to find it, leading to streamlined operations and significant cost savings.

Transform Your Inventory Management

Our RIGS App enables the efficient collection and management of inventory items, critical spares, and assets, driving substantial improvements in your inventory management practices.

Case Study

RIGSERV’s Data Enrichment Solution Improved the Data Quality from 12% to 76%.

Find out how we helped our client can manage their inventory efficiently, take advantage of volume procurement discounts and reduce the risk of double ordering an missed procurement opportunities.

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