Here’s Why You Can Trust RigServ’s
Master Data Cleanse and Enrichment Services to
Streamline Your Supply Chain Operations

We Use The Latest MDM Concepts To Help Your Teams Verify and Collect Data Efficiently

This precise knowledge of asset conditions has opened new avenues for many industries to merge the virtual and real-world data, thanks to the holistic view of the entire life cycle of a machine or system generated by digital twins.

Digital twins analyze and simulate the life cycle of an object system or process through captured sensor data synchronized between the object and its twin, which is then visualized in real-time via an interface.

This functionality enables users to get a truly on-demand solution and optimize performance monitoring in process-oriented production systems while offering new possibilities for annexing more services and products in the sense of Industry 4.0.

Another benefit of our approach is our ability to perform data enhancement which provides your team with accurate product descriptions for your inventories. We realize how time-consuming it can be to update your inventories with robust product descriptions. Fortunately, our expertise combined with our usage of MDM concepts enables the end-user to collect and verify data efficiently. Clients consistently retain our services because we help you become more familiar with your inventories without having to do all of the detective work.

Read more below about the steps you can expect from our master data cleanse and enrichment process which include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Removal of items from each shelf/bin/crate
  2. Capture count and all relevant information in RigServ Data Magnet App
  3. Relabel all items or those in scope e.g., missing, damaged
  4. Verify that items physically match the description and are fit for use
  5. Review variances with client representative
  6. Quarantine or flag all necessary items as per scope
  7. Neatly place all items back on the location
  8. Affix a Physical Count Card to the shelf when complete
Choose RigServ for and reliable master data cleanse and enrichment solutions. We focus on every detail so you can focus on generating more business for your company.

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