24 July 2021

The Story of RigServ: From Humble Beginnings To Your Trusted Supply Chain and Asset Management Experts!

RigServ was founded in 2014 by our team of operational and technical leaders in Houston, TX, starting with a vision to improve supply chain operations for capital-intensive companies. We started from humble beginnings in a cramped office with significantly fewer resources than we have now. Our greatest resource at that time was ourselves, so we mastered the intricacies of supply chain and asset management operations, collecting the best talent from around the world to provide your team superior services.

Today, we have over 50 supply chain, asset management, and technology experts dedicated to improving your outcomes globally and locally. Fundamentally, our goal is to assist capital-intensive companies in their efforts to safely improve operational efficiency while reducing costs responsibly.

As industry leaders in global supply chain and asset management, we have many years of experience delivering significant savings to multinational drilling, marine, petrochemical, and other capital-intensive industries around the world. When we started RigServ we always had the firm belief that a company should deliver on promises, love our clients, earn their trust, innovate, and work smarter as a team. These are the core values that continue to direct us into a brighter future.

Our Core Values:

  • Do What We Say We Will Do
  • Creative problem solving
  • Can do attitude
  • Customer First
  • Striving for excellence

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