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Policies and Procedures help your organization by providing employees with a handy reference to daily business operations, common company activities, or routine organizational tasks. Written policies and procedures activate the main framework for a company’s entire operation. They steer clear direction for employees as well as great insights into company processes, values and ethical standards.

If your organization is having issues with performing the essential functions of maintaining company regulations and obeying laws, then it is likely struggling even more at being successful in fulfilling its core missions. If compliance is a concerning issue in your organization, then creating well-defined procedures is required in order to meet your regulatory requirements should be a high priority.

While procedures themselves may not demonstrate compliance, well-defined and documented processes such as manuals and training documents, along with records that demonstrate process capability, can create an effective internal control system and compliance to regulations and standards.


We know the industry and understand all the downfalls that occur when a set of regulatory policies are not in place. Understanding data and applying it toward process effectiveness is one form of internal control and should be an integral part of any business process. RigServ strives to help clients with achieving those objectives that are aligned to drive business. Our Policy & Procedure services are developed in-house with input from several drilling contractors to ensure consistent, best-in-class results.  

RigServ has a thorough step-by-step process where we first complete the initial data gathering. After collecting and evaluating the information about your existing security policies and working with your staff to determine your company’s objective, we then begin the Documentation Development. The Developments proceeds with a Document review that is reviewed by our client’s staff to validate that all objectives are addressed. Upon approval of the policies and procedures, we provide a final version for release and implementation. We can also provide consulting services to assist with the implementation, if necessary.

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