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RigServ is a well-established company originally formed in 1999, and has served many major clients in the oil and gas industry. One of RigServ’s key competitive advantages is its matrix of talented and accomplished individuals available to our clients. RigServ has expertise in a wide range of industries but focuses exclusively on oil and gas. Each team member has more than 20 years in the international offshore drilling contractor business. Our knowledge base is unmatched.

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A history of solving problems

Alliant Technology was founded in 1999 with a focus on building custom solutions for technology challenges across industries such as Oil & Gas, Healthcare and Government.


Rig floor to Board Room experience

We have garnered extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry and decided to take our passion of technology and supply chain reformation to the next level. RigServ was established to provide keen, highly relevant and pragmatic expertise to savvy executives who needed an alternative to high-priced consultancy services that lacked a depth of industry experience.

Our Core Values

At RigServ, our core values are the foundation of all the work we do. We define ourselves by respecting our clients and their challenges, courage to innovate and do things differently and a passion to grow our people, our clients and our company.



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