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RigServ is a well-established company originally formed in 1999, and has served many major clients in the oil and gas industry. One of RigServ’s key competitive advantages is its matrix of talented and accomplished individuals available to our clients. RigServ has expertise in a wide range of industries but focuses exclusively on oil and gas. Each team member has more than 20 years in the international offshore drilling contractor business. Our knowledge base is unmatched.


A history of solving problems

Alliant Technology was founded in 1999 with a focus on building custom solutions for technology challenges across industries such as Oil & Gas, Healthcare and Government.


Rig floor to Board Room experience

We have garnered extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry and decided to take our passion of technology and supply chain reformation to the next level. RigServ was established to provide keen, highly relevant and pragmatic expertise to savvy executives who needed an alternative to high-priced consultancy services that lacked a depth of industry experience.

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Innovation in Inventory

While consulting with our clients, we observed that most of them struggled with one problem: management of excess and obsolete inventory. Many vendors were available to help get rid of capital equipment but few focused on high-quality spares. We decided to close that gap with an easy to use and effective online marketplace.

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RIG – Our Core Values

At RigServ, our core values are the foundation of all the work we do. We define ourselves by respecting our clients and their challenges, courage to innovate and do things differently and a passion to grow our people, our clients and our company.

Respect – Respect is the most important core value at RigServ. We believe that in order for us to succeed, we need to help our customers succeed. We respect our customers and understand them. We form relationships with them, communicate honestly with them, take risks with them and work together to achieve success. At our company, we respect one another and value each person’s contribution.

Innovation – Innovation is the practical expression of imagination. Even though we carry decades of experience, we value and enjoy the process of looking at problems differently and finding ethical & forward-thinking ways to solve them more efficiently. Our passion for excellence helps us to innovate and propel forward our vision of being the leading Supply Chain and Technology consulting firm for the Oil & Gas industry.

Growth – A culture of growth means a culture of not being satisfied with the status quo. We believe in constantly learning and growing our clients, our industry and ourselves. Through the right people, the right partners and a focus on productivity, we recognize the right opportunities for growth that build upon our strengths and competencies.

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