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The value of your data lies in the insights you can realize from it, rather than in the information itself. But as the structure and volume of your data grows, managing those insights becomes progressively difficult without the right Business Intelligence tool, technology and expertise. That’s where we come in.

RigServ combines Custom Solutions, BI KPI Reporting, ERP Solutions, and extensive expertise with the latest technologies such as Microsoft BI, Oracle BI, SAP Business Objects, and much more to assist taking full control of your valued data.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the master
blueprint for semantic and physical integration of data assets across the
enterprise, defining information products and the information supply

Information Quality Management

Information quality is the health of
information for an intended use, measured by  key indicators such as
accuracy, consistency, freshness and completeness for specific

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions group adapts systems to fit
your unique needs. We can help you maximize the value of your
technology investments and enhance your organization’s business

Structured Data Management

Management of physical database
assets throughout the data life cycle. information across the enterprise.

Unstructured Data Management

Management of information and
content management found in documents, images and web pages.


Meta Data is the data context that explains
the definition, control, usage and treatment of data content within a
system, application or environment throughout the enterprise. Managing
metadata enables data governance in the organization and provides the
characteristics to measure data quality in the enterprise.

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