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Let’s get physical!  RigServ can help your company design and implement all the essential components a winning Asset Management strategy for your physical assets:

Asset Definition

Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) Integration

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Integration



Condition Assessments

Long-Term Storage

Replacement vs Disposal

Developing a successful Asset Management strategy

At the core of developing a successful Asset Management strategy is the definition of an asset.  Fundamentally, in this context, it’s usually high-dollar equipment that produces value over a lengthy period.  For most energy companies and the companies that support them the cost of acquiring, maintaining, replacing, and disposing of critical equipment is both substantial consequential.  It’s substantial just in terms of the hefty price tag for various end items.  It’s consequential in terms of operational status…as any driller knows key equipment that is not operational can mean down time or loss of production resulting in loss of significant revenue.  RigServ can help you define assets and catalog them with precision.

Does your organization use an ERP system for managing personnel, finances, supply chain, etc?  The reasons for doing so are clear.  What about your equipment?  If you are managing operations or supply chain functions in your company, you need to know what an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) can do to minimize the cost of equipment over time and maximize its working lifespan.  RigServ can you lead this transformational effort from start to finish…from developing the business case for an EAMS to making sure the data loaded into your EAMS is optimal.

How does your business go about planning and recording maintenance for high-dollar value equipment?  You may use a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).  If so, you are already on the path to Asset Management excellence; however, you are not there until your CMMS helps to clarify the operational long-term topography of your company’s assets.  Only when your EAMS and CMMS work together to produce actionable data, can managers make informed decisions.  RigServ will help your organization with EAMS and CMMS interoperability as well as functionality.

What’s in your system?  Accurate and comprehensive data is fundamental to any EAMS or CMMS.  RigServ has the expertise to make your asset data acquisition project a success.  In Asset Management terminology gathering equipment data culminates in an Asset Registry.  Generally speaking, there are two ways to get there: (1) if you have an existing list of assets, we can perform an expert inventory to verify and expand upon the list; or (2) and more likely there is a need to build an Asset Registry from scratch and that process we refer to as a “Walkdown.”  The key difference is that a Walkdown is a close examination of the entire facility, recording assets to include taking photos, recording OEM information and equipment attributes from data plates, and conducting a visual condition assessment.

RigServ also has deep domain experience in helping energy companies take care of their equipment when its not being used.  What does that mean?  As any seasoned Maintenance Supervisor will attest, equipment not in use can age rapidly unless pro-active measures are taken.  An EAMS properly configured with accurate data will help you know where equipment is located and if it is in use.  If it’s not in use managers need to know…what storage facility (and where specifically) is it located in?  Is it stored indoors or shrink-wrapped properly for outdoor long-term storage?  What’s the current condition assessment?  Does the cost of storing the asset outweigh the cost of disposing of it?  If the condition assessment rates the item as “junk” should it be replaced as a rig or fleet spare?   RigServ has the know-how to help you chart a course to locate, care for, and properly dispose of Assets.

If you have asset challenges, we have asset solutions.  Let’s talk about your equipment, your needs, your data, and how to optimize Asset Management for your company. RigServ will deliver the Asset Management services that empower your company to maximize every dollar spent on critical equipment over its entire lifecycle.

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