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HOUSTON, TX, DECEMBER 5, 2016.  We are proud to announce that we have recently partnered with a company called Oniqua to market, deliver, and support Oniqua Intelligent MRO which will include client development and inventory analyst support post implementation.  Oniqua has been around for nearly a quarter of a century with the goal of eradicating waste for MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) for asset-intensive companies.  The world’s leading Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities and Transportation companies – rely upon Oniqua Intelligent MRO to help them achieve significant and rapid results (in 2015 assessments identified an average of 30% in inventory cost savings in the first 12 months).  Oniqua’s primary mission is to help businesses make smarter more objectives decisions in regards to their MRO activities to alleviate waste and reduce operational costs while improving service levels and operational uptime.  Oniqua accomplishes this with it’s global leading software Oniqua Analytic Solution (OAS) which utilizes advanced algorithms in combination with a companies business rules to consistently monitor inventory with the goal of continual MRO stock optimization.

RigServ is a well-established Supply Chain and Technology consulting company that provides world-class solutions to companies such as Transocean, Lloyd’s Register, KS Drilling, SapurKencana Drilling, BW Offshore, Ensco, Seadrill, and Ocean Rig.  RigServ’s current active projects include Enterprise Business Intelligent Report, Process Improvement, ERP Systems Management, Catalogue Maintenance and Cleansing, Inventory Reviews and Audits, Expediting, Quality Management, Supply Chain Distribution and Procurement Management, and Export/Import Coordination and Facilitation.

RigServ joins other industry leaders like SAP, ASCO,  MRO Logistics, and The Apex Group which deliver similar technologies and services to ensure that Oniqua makes it’s mission a reality.

“Oniqua has a global multi-industry proven intelligent MRO analytical model that we’re confident can be applied to the many oil and gas, marine, and service companies.  Oniqua Analytic Solution has helped to intelligently optimize MRO stock for several reputable blue-chip clients” said RigServ’s CEO Christopher Collins.


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