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Master Data Management (MDM)

superior quality for your product data

RigServ's Master Data Management program is a comprehensive approach that delivers consolidated, consistent and authoritative master data across organizations and distributes this master information to all operational and analytical applications. Its capabilities are designed for mastering and cleansing data across multiple areas ranging from: Customer, Supplier, Catalog, Asset and Inventory, including many others.

Why RigServ?

Master Data Management ensures results by empowering organizations and their users with the ability to cleanse, govern and maintain the quality and lifecycle of master data. RigServ's MDM program is a solution designed to reduce the cost of compliance, reduce time to market as well as improve the customer experience by optimizing success and returns.

RigServ has many years of experience of delivering significant savings to multinational drilling companies around the world. We have developed a market-leading materials data cleansing and governance application, which is combined with the RigServ reporting package to deliver a complete solution. Because our software is fully hosted, the IT hassle is low, the implementation rapid and the costs very competitive.

Duplication & Unused Inactivation. This step involves removing the majority of the unused and duplicated cards.
Quick Match
Quick data improvements. This stream will be done in conjunction with the trim and seeks to improve your master data with RigServ catalogue data.
Ongoing data governance. Ongoing management of master data in a consistent way to ensure the catalog is a tool for operations.
Data Improvement
When cleaning up existing data has been insufficient, additional work is carried out based on Research by using the Manufacturer and Part Number or walking down the spares.

What we do different

Transparent Visibility
We provide status updates via our site and email as well as a Catalogue Dashboard.
Customer Focus
We have worked offshore and personally understand the urgency and importance of accurate master data.
Our proprietary tool and personnel complete a thorough review of all requests to ensure 0 dups.
Best in Class Feedback
We partner and provide feedback to ensure continual improvement to the process.

COPS - Catalog Outsourced Process Solution

Need help with Catalog Processing? Is lack of inaccurate information, financial resources or customer focus refraining your organization from achieving high-quality Catalog Management? A few key benefits that our clients gain with our trusted Catalog Cleanse Program include:

Increase in descriptions by 20% on average.

Savings up to 60% for dedicated catalog data management.

Reduction in average time to complete requests with normal priority to 1.27 days.

Reduction in average time to complete requests with urgent priority reduced to 0.49 day.

Our Catalog Request Dashboard enables our clients to understand everything they need to know from Master Data Management to Cleansing. A few key benefits that our clients gain with our trusted Catalog Cleanse Program include -

COPS (Catalog Outsourced Process Solution) can help your organization enhance your stock card requests. Our program has a thorough and constructive checklist for fast catalog processing that makes sure all items are processed per priority level based upon Industry Standards.

Catalog Cleanse Program

We maintain procedures and workflows that control your processes. The workflow enables our clients to gain insight on overall data governance. This solution is supported by checking to see what clients possess on hand if the items are on contract and/or on BOM list, along with many more factors.

In addition to that, we create precise product descriptions that allow faster processing, few purchasing errors with greater flexibility and card duplication reduction.  The Procedure engine thus provides for a perfect understanding of existing processes, catalogs and process flow controls for overall data management.

Poor data quality (Duplication) can negatively affect your internal processes, budget and organizational perception. But these errors can easily be prevented through a proper data quality strategy - e.g. Real-time data verification, Back-end data cleansing.

Having a data quality strategy is a crucial step in building better brand perception and cutting out liabilities such as wasted time, money and resources. Our program includes business rules and validation parameters to guarantee the consistent quality of your data. 

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Chris Collins, Co-Founder of Alliant RigServ and Inventory Portal, is a goal-driven achiever with almost 20 years of progressive global supply chain management experience, leading numerous transformations with the world’s largest energy companies. Focusing on the strategic solutions of RigServ and Inventory Portal, he initiates development, oversees and helps implement programs and projects that support the vision of short- and long-term goals. His extensive experience has enabled him to have in-depth knowledge in all areas of Supply Chain, Logistics, Inventory Management, Procurement, Customer Service, Transportation and Warehouse Management.

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