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Inventory Counting

Key benefits of working with RigServ

  • Verifiable accuracy
  • Quantifiable cost savings
  • Industry leading analytics and reporting
  • Full audit trail
  • Strong internal controls
  • Minimize disruptions on the business
  • Eliminate opportunity costs, including operational employees performing administrative tasks
  • Reporting for third parties, such as lenders, accountants, auditors and insurance companies
  • Superior accuracy and quality of information
  • Systematic errors present in other inventory counting methods are eliminated
  • Employee morale is not eroded by working excessive hours on "boring" tasks
  • Overtime hours are minimized / eliminated

How RigServ improves inventory counts

We are experts in inventory service and have perfected a process to count your inventory and spare parts efficiently with verifiable accuracy. We offer increased quality and usefulness of information at a very competitive cost.

Our belief is that accurate and timely inventories are one of the most important responsibilities in assuring profitability and success for a company. The success of any inventory management system is owed in large part to accurate data and the decision-making capabilities that data can provide. We understand the struggles of our client's inventory needs and can provide a series of strategic steps to take your warehouse from good to GREAT!

If you experience any of the following with your current physical counting strategy, YOU NEED TO CALL RigServ +1.855.743.5272:

  • Belief that less than 100% inventory accuracy is acceptable
  • Inability to provide accurate and timely dashboard-style reporting
  • Injuries, property damage or environmental non-conformities
  • Halting operations or using out-of-service time
  • Counting on holidays (or whenever the business is not normally open) with your own staff who should be on days off
  • Tasking employees that lack sufficient competency (knowledge, skills, training, attitude) to conduct an accurate and efficient count
  • Performing estimates of inventory rather than a full physical count
  • Counting inventory only once per year because you lack an efficient and cost-effective solution to do unlimited counts throughout the year

RigServ's Physical Count Dashboard

Understanding data and having complete control over it is essential for any business to succeed. We have recognized that data is a highly underutilized tool in most businesses that lead directly to valuable insights going overlooked, potentially costing an organization money and wasting resources. Therefore, at RigServ, our specialty is developing new data visualization dashboard concepts.

● The RigServ physical count dashboard is included in all physical count projects to increase visibility.

● Dashboard Reporting accesses real-time data, generating cost-saving opportunities.

● Enables data to be organized, resulting in high-level communication, proper planning, & execution.

● Grants authority to view a complete snapshot of every important metric needed to make informed decisions.


Try out our interactive demo dashboard

Millions of items counted all over the globe

the rigserv solution

We understand the common challenges of a Physical Count. More importantly, we know exactly when to recommend one. We have many resources that will help tackle your Inventory problems. From procedures to guidelines, RigServ has developed many solutions for the oil and gas industry to ensure consistent best-in-class results. From preparation to training and visibility, we offer a 5 step Inventory process that will help your business identify its Inventory. 

Step 1
Safety Focus
Step 2
Preparations: Pre-job & Schedule
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Communication & Visibility


"I was very impressed with the physical count project the RigServ team has completed for us. The visibility with their proprietary dashboard was the most advanced, feature rich reporting that I have ever seen."
Jai Gurunathan, Materials & Systems Manager, Ocean Rig

“The RigServ team has not only gotten our inventory accuracy up to 100% in an efficient manner but also trained our staff on how to keep it that way.”
Rig Manager, Offshore Drilling Company

“We were extremely satisfied with the level of service we received from RigServ. We struggled with managing our inventory and finally made a decision to partner with an outside company that knew the difference between a ram rubber and a door knob to handle this for us. The staff was very competent and efficient. The amount of time it took them to complete the inventory was amazing and ended up saving our company valuable money and time. Thank you and I look forward to working with RigServ on our upcoming projects.”
Director of Procurement, Land Based Drilling Company


Inventory Management Program, Warehouse Management and Materials Management.

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Chris Collins, Co-Founder of Alliant RigServ and Inventory Portal, is a goal-driven achiever with almost 20 years of progressive global supply chain management experience, leading numerous transformations with the world’s largest energy companies. Focusing on the strategic solutions of RigServ and Inventory Portal, he initiates development, oversees and helps implement programs and projects that support the vision of short- and long-term goals. His extensive experience has enabled him to have in-depth knowledge in all areas of Supply Chain, Logistics, Inventory Management, Procurement, Customer Service, Transportation and Warehouse Management.

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