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Managing a business is challenging; RigServ got you covered

There are multiple ways to enhance your business & strategy, but what if you knew the best theories for maximizing your success? We live in an information-driven age, and organizational success has become as contingent upon the use of that information as it is upon commitment.

Our management team has worked in the offshore oil and gas industry for an average of 20 years in almost every major geographic location, so we completely understand your problems. Due to our vast experience and wide network we are able to offer you a unique cost effective solution to your Supply Chain challenges.  RigServ has a team of qualified people ready to help tackle your challenges head on. Our experienced professionals provide a full range of procurement and outsourcing services for both large and small companies.

Enabling better Project Management

Policies, processes and technology - we handle it all for you. As experts in the field, our consultants are combined with data-driven, objective, and innovative solutions to tackle your most complex problems.

We will guide you during the introduction and implementation of our product(s) in your company. We support you with:

- Inventory Management Consulting

  • ​Inventory Management Program
  • Materials Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Material and Purchase Audits (including Supply Chain Audits)

- ERP Lifecycle Development

  • ​MS Dynamics
  • PeopleSoft
  • JD Ewdwards
  • SAP

- Purchasing Consulting

  • ​Expediting
  • Project Purchasing and Material Coordination
  • Document Control and Project Documentation Compilation

- Logistics and Compliance Consulting

  • ​Air and Ocean Logistics Coordination
  • Export/Import Coordination and Facilitation

- Supply Chain Policy and Procedure Development

- Management Reporting and Metrics Development

Great Solutions right at your fingertips

Any problem you stumble across, RigServ has the client-focused business knowledge to mediate an in-depth significant change for every element. We take the time to understand how your business works, focus closely with you to develop enterprise-wide information solutions, and ensure results are not only delivered smoothly, but efficiently.