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Title Materials Coordinator
Categories Full-Time, Professional, Temporary
Salary Fixed
Location Onshore Locations
Job Information

We are looking for several Materials Coordinators. Learn more about the position below.
REPORTS TO: Partner or Supply Chain Project Manager
DEPARTMENT: Supply Chain


– Valid passport/You must be authorized to work in the US.

– >3 years materials management experience.

– ERP and MS Office intermediate skills.


– Coordinate the rig’s materials requisitions, controls the warehouse, physical counting, and maintain the warehouse inventory levels within established guidelines.

– Use the computerized system to maintain an accurate inventory of all materials stored on the rig.

– Perform cyclical or physical inventory of stock and maintain the physical inventory in the warehouse.


– Ensure that parts are not stored, moved, shipped, consumed, or returned without being recorded in the Company inventory system.

– Coordinate/lead meetings to review inventory settings at a minimum before rig moves, or when a rigs operations change significantly.

– Shared responsibility with the service buyer to ensure rental equipment is returned in a timely manner to the vendor from a logistic standpoint.

– Maintain adequate stock levels of equipment spares and consumables to facilitate the continuous operation of the unit.

– Prepare accurate and complete cargo manifests for all equipment dispatched from the rig either by sea or by air.

– Assist department heads in establishing a realistic minimum/maximum warehouse stock of all shut-down or critical items.

– Direct contact with the rigs to provide operational support regarding expected shipments and arrival dates and any other logistical needs.

– Ensure that all hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are correctly labelled and packaged prior to shipment ashore.

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