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What Do Materials Coordinators Do?

  What do materials coordinators do vs. what others in oil and gas think they do?   Materials Coordinator= Storekeeper, Offshore Materials Administrator, OMC, Materialsman or similar.

Free Responsibility RACI Matrix

SIMPLY FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW AND GET YOUR FREE Responsibility raci matrix TODAY Our matrix will provide you with the primary inventory management tasks for any drilling-based warehouse and a sample of who should be accountable. To download our free matrix, simply fill out the form below and get […]


Free Checklist Sign Up

Simply fill out the form below and get your Free Checklist Today Our checklist will provide you with the main discussion points and target the primary focus areas for any drilling-based warehouse: If you want a quick, structured assessment to bring with you on your next rig visit, or to pass […]

Free Rig Warehouse Checklist

Rig Warehouse Checklist for Managers Bobby said goodbye to his family late one night and got on a plane to a distant city.  The next morning, he woke up at 3:30 AM to meet the helicopter departure time of 7:00 AM, leaving him bleary-eyed and a bit tense. Bobby’s phone […]

Inventory Matters: Interview With Patrick Guicheney

People make all the difference… People, Inventory Barcoding and ProcessesIntroduction In this interview series, Inventory Matters,  we will be speaking with industry leaders to gain their insight into improving inventory management in the oil and gas vertical.  Interview #2 with Patrick Guicheney Interview Body Question: What is the best advice you […]

Inventory Matters: Introduction to Series

  “$650,000,000.00 US Dollars is not sexy enough for us to be interested”.  This was the response I received at an  engagement when discussing inventory management solutions with an executive of a well-known  “drilling company”.  The value of their spare parts at the time was close to 650 Million dollars. […]

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Inventory Matters: Interview With Matthew Heaviside- Importance of Oil & Gas Inventory Management

Supply Chain nourishes the organization… Oil and Gas Inventory ManagementIntroduction (Oil and Gas Inventory Management) It is imperative that drilling contractors ensure that inventory management at their facilities is operating effectively. With the few contracts that are available, it would be devastating to lose one due to an inventory management […]