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Free In Between Well Checklist for Drilling Rigs

Between Well Checklist

The Importance of Pre-Job Planning

In Between Well Checklist

Before embarking on a vacation, careful planning is done to ensure the time away goes as planned. Leaving things to chance can lead to undesirable consequences and a not-so-pleasant hiatus from work.

Starting a job or a project is no different. Careful planning must be done prior to execution so that it is done safely and efficiently and produces the desired results. Improper planning is the number one cause of failure or delay, so the importance of Pre-Planning has found increased traction with businesses putting a greater focus on Process Safety in the last few years.  

However, many companies either have not fully adopted these procedures or have not adapted them to their processes at all.  Not having the correct procedures and personnel in place prior to a project’s start can lead to confusion, mistakes and other ill effects, all of which can add to the cost of doing business. Here are some questions to ask during Pre-Job Planning.

  • Do you have the correct people for the job? (Keep in mind that too few or too many personnel can be detrimental to the success of the job.)
  • Does each person understand their roles and responsibilities?
  • Is the correct equipment available for the job?
  • Has the equipment been verified to be in working order prior to starting the job?
  • Are all necessary permits, procedures and documents in place?
  • Are expectations for each team/worker clear and understood by all parties involved?

Consistently using these questions as a guide and making sure supervisors have asked them prior to starting a job will save a lot of time and money.

Along the same lines, In-Between-Well time is a necessary part of any rig job. Parts need to be checked, equipment needs to be repaired, and procedures and processes need to be in place prior to this period. Below are some important questions for supervisors to ask to ensure a smooth and productive period of well inactivity with a minimal loss of time:

  • Do I have an accurate work scope list with timelines and the approximate time to complete major projects?
  • Do I have all the necessary and required permits for the work scope?
  • Are there any compliance requirements (API Standard 53, BSEE, etc.) to be completed prior to the In-Between-Well period?
  • Are all necessary parts and equipment for the work scope in the warehouse or onsite?
  • Are the correct personnel and equipment for the work scope on site and ready to perform their duties?
  • Are there any special shipping requirements, such as larger equipment for a major component (a BOP, for example), that will need to be addressed?

Having a plan and procedures in place is essential to ensuring that your project and personnel can perform exactly as needed with minimal loss of time. Without them, you risk losing time and money because of mistakes, disagreements or incidents.
Rig Serv’s experts can assist you with creating plans to make sure your project runs as smoothly and successfully as possible. We know how to ensure all your personnel and equipment know exactly how to start and finish the job the right way.
To learn more about Pre-Job Planning and to get a Free In Between Well Checklist click the banner. 

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