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Archive for Month: February 2017

Free In Between Well Checklist for Drilling Rigs

In Between Well ChecklistBefore embarking on a vacation, careful planning is done to ensure the time away goes as planned. Leaving things to chance can lead to undesirable consequences and a not-so-pleasant hiatus from work.Starting a job or a project is no different. Careful planning must be done prior to […]

Decoding the Advantages of Barcodes

Advancements in technology have made life much easier than it was even five years ago. But many companies have been slow to adopt this technology, usually because it doesn’t fit their core business aims and/or they have had IT issues in the past. The energy industry is one that has […]

Challenges of Doing a Physical Count

 John couldn’t believe what he was hearing from his OIM. “We are going on downtime for not having WHAT?” he asked. Apparently, his company had run out of VX Gaskets (metal gaskets for the wellhead) after the last few were used for In-Between Well Maintenance during BOP Pressure Testing. Then, due […]