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Archive for Month: January 2017

Free Packaging and Sorting Checklist to Reduce Shipping Costs

During Christmas, my wife recalled the unique way her father packaged certain gifts. Each child would receive a small gift that was placed inside a box, which was placed in a larger box, which was in turn placed in a larger box than that one, and so on, like his […]

Rig Reactivation Planning

 The medical definition for reactivation is “to restore the ability to function or the effectiveness of.”  For hundreds of rigs in the world waiting their turn to be brought back online the question remains as to what that cost could be; depending on the age, class, and size of the […]

Lean Process Management

During times of financial stress and heightened market volatility, we often hear these words being used in efforts of reducing overhead. Words such as “Lean, efficient, cost control or reductions, and so on.” When the market pendulum swings back from a bull market, we often see reports of headcount reductions, […]